Boat Insurance Policies and Options





Boat insurance policies from Boat Insurance 'Z' are as customizable as your sea-faring vessel. A boat can sometimes be included in your homeowners insurance, but larger vessels deserve their own insurance policies.





Boat Insurance Discounts

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We offer deep discounts on our boat insurance coverage. We do this because the more money we save our customers the more fun they get to have out on their boats! We like to think that if we have your best interest in mind, you'll always renew your policies through us.

When you save money, everybody wins. Click the button to the right to view a partial list of insurance discounts available on the same boat insurance policies you would get for top dollar somewhere else. Discounted insurance doesn't mean less coverage- it just means we recognize when you are considerate and hence, a good investment of risk.



Boat Insurance: Vessel Size

We offer insurance on boats up to 50 feet in length, or valued at $250,000 or less.

Quotes-boat-insurance-free-servicesBoat Insurance: Vessel Location

No need to worry about how much you travel in your sail or powered boat. With a top-notch boat insurance policy from BoaitInsuranceZ, you’ll remain covered on all waterways within the continental U.S. including international waters up to 50 miles away from US soil.


Boat Types:

Here is a list of some of the most popular selling brands and models of boats. click on any manufacturer to visit a page listing the models of boat they manufacture that we offer boat insurance policies on.



Boat Insurance: Specialized Boat Insurance Policies

Our specialized boat insurance policies offer large-watercraft coverage options that are usually not available when you purchase boat insurance through your homeowners policy. Boats and other watercraft can be protected under your homeowners insurance plan, but vessels that are too large deserve a separate boat insurance policy in order to make sure they’re covered if they are totaled.


Below are some of the specific coverage options or ‘riders’ available on boat insurance policies written through BoatInsuranceZ.


  • Roadside Assistance free towing of boat or personal watercraft with covered trailer if your CAR breaks down.
  • On-water towingfree tug back to a dock if your boat dies on a water-way
  • Fuel spill liability - Covers costs of cleanup of an accidental fuel spill
  • Wreckage removal - covers costs associated with the removal of a totaled boat from the body of water in which the accident ocurred
  • Fishing Equipment coverage - This option covers fishing equipment not attached permanently to the boat
  • Personal effects coverage - similar to fishing equipment coverage only it covers all personal belongings of insured and guests of uninsured
  • Etc.


These are just a few reasons why a boat insurance policy from Boatinsurancez can help you relax and enjoy your boat even more, but this list is not complete. There are many other options to choose from when it comes to purchasing boat insurance.


Benefit Amount and Terms


As the value of your boat decreases, the terms of disbursement of benefits can be adjusted as well. This means that if you’re ever in a situation where you feel like you’re paying too much for the benefit amount you’re eligible to receive in the event of a total loss- you can switch over to agreed value coverage no matter how old your boat is.


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