Personal Watercraft Insurance: (PWC)


The personal watercraft insurance policies we sell through Boat Insurance Z are as personalized as your watercraft itself. By working with industry-standard insurance companies, we can offer robust options on PWC insurance packages that help make your fun on the waves even more enjoyable.




It’s Not a ‘Jet Ski’ It’s a PWC

The first PWCs were invented in the 1960s at Lake Havasu Nevada. Shortly thereafter Bombardier took over the patent and began producing early personal watercraft commercially for about two years. But it wasn’t until Kawasaki released the first ‘Jet Ski’ in 1972 that PWCs were considered commercially viable, and the term ‘Jet Ski’ has been synonymous with fun on the waves ever since.


What Type of PWCs Do We Insure?

If it is a jet propelled watercraft less than 13' in length it counts as a PWC.

We can insure craft that cost up to $27,000, and with up to two owners.

Here is a list of the most popular manufacturers of PWCs. Click on their brand names to be directed to a page containing model numbers and a brief on each company


Top PWC brands:


We insure all makes and models of personal watercraft. Just because this is a short list does not mean that our ability to offer great PWC insurance policies is limited. If you own a PWC from any of the manufacturers on this list we can most likely insure it. If you've got something rare or different you want us to take a look at, we insure PWCs valued at up to $27,000.00. So If you can ride it, chances are we can insure it. Call or Click to get your free boat and PWC insurance quotes today.



Specialized Coverage Options for Personal Watercraft


Water-Ski Coverage

We'll provide coverage for your water skis at no additional cost.


High Limits

With a high-limit plan, you can get coverage for medical payments up to $10,000.


Low Deductibles

Offering some of the lowest Comprehensive and Collision deductibles, the personal watercraft insurance policies from BoatInsuranceZ can protect your PWC from as few or as many types of damage as you like.


Personal Effects Replacement Cost

There are many small personal effects that can be lost while enjoying a ride on a PWC. With our personal watercraft insurance plans you can have your personal effects covered up to a $5,000 value.


Actual Cash Value (ACV)

Actual Cash Value coverage pays you benefits in the event your PWC is damaged by a qualifying event. The ACV is determined however by market value, model year and the condition of your PWC at the time of the loss. More coverage is needed to get an agreed upon value that is greater than the cash value of the craft at time of loss.


Unlimited Use

There are no time or location restrictions on operation with this option. This is important if you're a person who uses their PWCs frequently or never know which weekend they'll be able to get off of work.


Roadside Assistance*

Towing to the nearest qualified repair facility is provided at no additional cost when your tow vehicle or trailer is damaged or disabled. There's no out-of-pocket cost to you for this coverage.


Fuel Spill Protection*

Unintentional oil or fuel spills that are your legal responsibility are covered.


Wreckage Removal*

The cost to raise, remove and/or destroy the wreckage if your PWC sinks is covered.


Coverage options marked with an asterisk (*) are optional and you must elect to include them in your watercraft insurance policy.


Our personal watercraft insurance options are some of the best in the industry. So whether you just purchased a new watercraft, or just want to get a quote on a new policy to save a few bucks- let us help you out. Call today and receive multiple quotes on your next PWC insurance policy for free, then work with one of our agents to carve out the perfect deal on only the coverage you need at a price that's right for you.




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